On the Couch, Braless by Eight

Normalize I Love You

September 24, 2020 Stefani & Trent Season 2 Episode 17
On the Couch, Braless by Eight
Normalize I Love You
Show Notes

We're always here talking about Stefani being single.  This week, we switch things up and focus on another type of relationship - the ones with your friends.  Trent comes to talk about what it means to be a good friend and how best to lift up those around you.  Being from the same hometown, Stefani and Trent touch upon what life was like growing up on Long Island and why they love their local watering hole.  (Boss Croker's, we'll be back soon <3)   

Trent is a successful, published author and probably the smartest guest Braless By Eight will ever have.  Check him out on Twitter: @TRichard_Nelson and if you are interested in reading up on some of his pieces, you can find his work below -







Oh and SURPIRSE Stefani is going to be working on another podcast!  If you enjoyed listening to Trent, be sure to tune in to his podcast, Random Sh*t with Mikey and The Wizard - coming soon.